Leak Detectors

Cromwell stock a large range of leak detector sprays and solutions from well known brands, such as Amberil, Rocol and Action Can. Browse our extensive range of lubricants and chemicals today, to find the right solution for your application.

What are leak detectors?

A leak detector is a type of spray primarily used by gas safe engineers to detect leaks in gas pipes that might otherwise be hazardous. Over time valves and pipework can deteriorate due to several factors including corrosion and mechanical faults.

How do leak detectors work?

Once the spray is applied to the pipework and any valves, if the solution bubbles there is a leak detected. Leak detector sprays typically detect all types of gas, from natural, hydrogen to CO2. The bigger the bubbles created determines the size of the leak.

Types of leak detector

Leak detectors are all relatively similar in their makeup and application. Usually aerosol spray based.

Considerations when choosing a leak detector

Like all aerosols considerations should be taken before selecting the right leak detector for your application. If applying to metal pipework a spray with a corrosion inhibitor works better as not to risk the formation of rust after the leak detection process.


How do I tell a minor from a major leak?

This all depends on the size of the bubbles formed, a minor leak will create a small amount of foaming, a major leak will create bigger and more bubbles around the source.

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