Spirit Levels

Also known as a bubble level, spirit levels are widely used in professional trades and domestic settings. An essential piece of kit, a spirit level is a quick and effective way to ensure accurate levels and alignment on a wide range of applications.

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What are spirit levels?

Spirit levels are designed to test the level of a surface and are used by trades people and DIYers alike.

Why buy spirit levels?

A quick and effective way to check the level of bricks when building, to keep lines straight when surveying, or to simply make sure the shelf you fitted is level, spirit levels are an essential hand tool for your tool kit.

Spirit level types

Most spirit levels feature one to three vials to allow for multiple positioning of the level at either 45°, 90° or 180°. They're suitable for a wide range of applications and are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Some beam levels come in a set of three to provide a large, medium and small spirit level for different sized tasks.

Box-beam level   -   A hollow beam shape available in a range of sizes.

Boat level   -   A smaller spirit level, often features tapered ends for access into tight spaces.

Pocket level   -   A lightweight and compact level for smaller jobs on the go.

I-beam level   -   Named after the shape of the cross-section, they're very lightweight.

Post level   -   Two-sided level that fits against the edge of a post for the level and plumb.

Digital levels   -   Similar in appearance to a box beam, but with a digital reading for precision.

Considerations when choosing spirit levels

Application - the nature of the jobs a spirit level will be used for dictates the type that's best to choose. Specialist levels like a post level is an ideal choice for a fencer but would be of no use to a DIYer.

Size - the length of the spirit level should be long enough to give an accurate reading for the project at hand, so choose one size bigger than you think you might need.

Bubble size - this depends on the liquid used in the vial. The level should be clearly visible and easy to read.

• **Material **- spirit levels are available in a range of materials. Robust steel levels are used widely on building sites, while lightweight aluminium and plastic levels are easier to carry around when on the move.

Features - some levels feature magnets for the user's convenience. Others have a digital screen to deliver precision measurements.


How accurate is a spirit level?

Reputable suppliers will state the levels of accuracy of their spirit levels, either under technical details or on a technical datasheet. The highest level of accuracy will be within +/- 0.5mm or 0.29° and will go up in increments of 0.25mm, for example, the second most accurate level is within +/- 0.75mm or 0.43°. The higher the number from the best level, the less accurate the measurement will be.

Can spirit levels be calibrated?

Yes, good quality spirit levels can be checked and calibrated to ensure an accurate level. A cheaper spirit level can also be checked for accuracy however, they can't be calibrated and must be replaced.

Are digital spirit levels any good?

When precision is extremely important, a digital spirit level is the ideal choice. More expensive than they're mechanical counterparts, the digital models pay for themselves in reliable and accurate measurements.