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Hand Tools

Sturdy, reliable, and highly versatile - hand tools are the very foundation of any toolkit. From the most basic of DIY jobs to vast construction projects, our expansive collection of quality hand tools ensures there's something for everyone.

Cromwell stocks a wide range of hand tools, from trusted brands used by professionals around the globe.

What are hand tools?

Hand tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are designed to perform a specific task. Hand tools are named as such because most of them don't require power, unlike power tools. Instead, hand tools are generally powered by your own two hands.

Why a hand tool?

Whether you're an engineer, a plumber, a builder, a carpenter, an electrician, or any other kind of professional or handyman - there's a hand tool (or more likely, a range of hand tools) for you. Most jobs can't be performed without hand tools - you can't saw wood without a saw, and you definitely can't chisel metal using just your fingernails.

At Cromwell, we stock one of the most extensive ranges of hand tools in the UK, from a diverse range of suppliers. That's why professionals trust us time and time again to deliver the right tools to help them achieve superior results.

When are hand tools used?

Hand tools are used in almost every industry. They are commonly relied upon by:

• Electricians

• Plumbers

• Carpenters

• DIYers

• Builders

• Engineers

• Maintenance

And many more industries around the world. Wherever there's something to be built, fixed, altered, assembled, disassembled, or changed - you're likely to find a hand tool (or several).

Types of hand tool

With thousands upon thousands of hand tools to pick from, it can be hard to know which one to buy. Below are some of the most common hand tools for your consideration:

• Saws

• Screwdrivers

• Utility knives

• Chisels

• Files

• Clamps

• Planers

• Hammers

• Spanners

• Wrenches

• Pliers

• Garden tools

These are only a selection of the main hand tool categories. Each category is divided into subcategories, which are often divided into further subcategories - ensuring that no matter the job, there's bound to be hand tool that's specialised to help you achieve the results you're looking for.

Cromwell stocks a wide range of hand tools, suitable for a broad number of jobs. If you need help picking the right one for you, talk to our experts for personalised advice.


How hand tools and power tools differ

As the names suggest, power tools require an external power source to work - whether it's batteries, an electrical socket, or a hydraulic system. Hand tools are generally much simpler in nature and are powered effectively by your hands - and some good old fashioned elbow grease.