File Handles

Get replacement file handles or buy a new set online now at Cromwell UK. Choose from a selection of materials, including hardwood, plastic or polypropylene, shaped for a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

Create a matching set, or simply replace the ones that are broken or damaged. Our range of file handles features products from leading brands, like Sia Abrasives®, Draper® and our own brands, Kennedy® and York®.

What are file handles?

File handles are designed to protect the operator against cuts from the sharp tang at the end of the file. They are typically contoured for an ergonomic and comfortable grip and are made from a selection of materials to suit the operator's preference.

File handle types

File handles are available in a range of materials and are shaped with grip and comfort in mind. They're made from durable materials to handle heavy use, with plastic and polypropylene variants designed with hanging holes for easy storage.

• Wooden file handles   -   This type of handle is shaped for a good grip and features a metal ferrule where the file meets the wood to prevent wear and splitting

• Moulded plastic file handles   -   These come in a variety of shapes to suit the user, including both flat and rounded

• Polypropylene file handles   -   Contoured for a comfortable grip, polypropylene is often paired with rubber to deliver a softer and easier to control handle

Considerations when choosing file handles

Grip - choose a handle that you find easy to grip while applying pressure with a file.

Size - most file handles are a standard size to fit a file tang. Others come with an insert to plug any gaps and achieve a good fit.


What part of the file is inserted into the handle?

To fit a new handle, the sharp tang at the end of the file and below the heel is the part to insert into the handle.

Why must a file always be fitted with a handle?

A file needs a handle for multiple reasons, the most important being operator safety. The tang is made from the same hardened material as the rest of the file, only it's thinner and sharper, a dangerous combination when applying force, which usually results in cuts and lacerations to the hand.

A handle can also help to achieve an effective filing method, as they're shaped to deliver a good grip and hand position.

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