Plasma Cutting

In the welding and cutting industry, plasma cutting requires extremely high-quality products that are crafted with superior expertise and manufactured to output excellent accuracy and power. That is why at Cromwell we only source and provide plasma cutting tools, accessories and machines that guarantee excellent quality and value. Choose from our range of plasma cutting tools from leading brands such as Parweld® and SIP®.

What is plasma cutting?

In the welding and cutting industry, plasma cutting is a common process used to cut electrically conductive surfaces and materials using machines that eject electrically charged particles, also known as hot plasma, through a torch function.

When is plasma cutting used?

Plasma cutting tools and machines are required when electrically conductive materials need to be cut into complex shapes or cut with an immense amount of accuracy. The plasma beams are thin enough to cut through metals and produce detailed shaping that regular cutting machines cannot. The level of accuracy comes hand in hand with the plasma tool's high-speed, making the cutting technique superior compared to many other processes.

Considerations when choosing plasma cutting tools

Thickness - At Cromwell we provide a range of plasma cutting tools that are appropriate for different metal thickness levels. Dependant on the material and it's thickness, will determine which plasma machine is right for your cutting needs. It is strongly recommended that when looking for plasma cutting tools, our detailed product specifications are read to ensure that the product is suitable for the metal in question.

Voltage - Similarly to thickness, the voltage needed depends on the metal as well as the environment around you. Please check our product page specifications for the voltage of machines.

Material - Plasma cutting tools can cut through any electrically conductive metal, including brass, copper, aluminium, expanded steel, stainless steel and carbon steel.


Are plasma cutting tools handheld?

There are a huge range of plasma cutting machines that can operate either by hand, or hard-duty and extremely powerful machines that are operated using other machinery. Cromwell's collection offers a range of hand-holding and transportable plasma cutting tools for easy use.

What can a plasma cutter not cut?

Any type of fabric or material that isn't electrically conductive cannot be cut with a plasma cutting tool because the material needs to be able to react to the ionized gas coming from the torch. Materials such as wood, plastics, or poorly conductive metals like lead cannot be cut using plasma cutting tools.