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Storage, Handling & Packaging

Critical for keeping your workplace organised, tidy and safe, storage and handling products are a must have for any sized business. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of storage and handling products from our trusted own brands Matlock and Avon as well as leading national brands such as Bott, Elite Lockers and GPC.

What is storage and handling?

Storage and handling are products that are designed for organising and holding various objects or for the easy transportation of objects. Storage refers to products such as lockers, cabinets or shelving all of which are designed with the intention of keeping your desired objects safe as well as keeping potentially harmful products safely away from personnel who aren't qualified to handle them. Handling products are items such as lifting slings, hoists, lifting tables and ratchet straps all of which work to make moving bulky, large items or pallets of product easier to manoeuvre.

Why storage and handling?

In order to keep your workplace safe, tidy and clutter free, storage products offer a simple yet effective solution. When your personnel know exactly where to find certain items, this breeds for a safer, more smoothly operating business. Handling products are designed to allow you to move larger item that would be challenging and potentially dangerous to do without the assistance of specialist equipment. By purchasing the right handling product, you can save yourself time, effort and can lower the risk of potential injury by attempting to move a heavy object.

When is storage and handling used?

Storage and handling products are used across almost all industry sectors. From schools, warehouses and workshops to more domestic settings, storage and handling products are critical for keeping items and personnel safe from harm. Handling products are used widely in larger distribution operations, but are also useful when moving house.

Storage and handling types

No matter the size or scale of the objects or items you plan on moving or storing, we have the right storage and handling solution for your needs. Below, we've outlined the main types of storage and handling product to make it easier for you to distinguish what type product is best for your specific application.


Cupboards and cabinets   -   Available in a range of colours, sizes and specifications, cupboards and cabinets are a simple yet highly effective way of storing away items neatly. They are commonly used in both domestic and industrial settings.

Lockers   -   Designed primarily for storing away personal effects, lockers are a convenient way of locking up belongings and items that are potentially hazardous and access to them needs regulating. We have a wide range of lockers in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Packaging   -   Used for both storing items away and in the transportation of goods, packaging comes in the form of bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, sacks and desiccants. These are useful when moving or sending items as well as for temporary storage.

Parts storage   -   The most common form of parts storage is storage bins or boxes as well as smaller dividers to help split up your larger storage into compartments for keeping smaller components safe and organised.

Workbenches, racking & shelving   -   Ideal in workshops or commercial kitchens where it is beneficial for tools and items to be visible yet also organised and safe, workbenches, racking and shelves are robust and easy to use.


Trucks, trolleys & lifting tables   -   Encompassing platform trolleys, sack trucks, wheelbarrows, pallet trucks, lifting tables and trolleys, this category of product is designed to help you lift and wheel products from one place to another.

Lifting slings   -   Used to balance and support loads when lifting or hoisting items, lifting slings are a durable length of material that can be used again and again.

Ratchet straps   -   Also known as load or cargo straps, ratchet straps are used to secure goods in place when moving them.

Hoists   -   These are designed for lifting, suspending and lowering bulky and heavy items into place with ease.

Tarpaulins   -   Tarpaulins, also known as Tarps for short, are highly versatile in use. They are essentially a durable sheet of plastic material, designed to protect items when in transit.

Considerations when choosing a storage and handling product

Application - The first step before browsing for storage and handling products is to distinguish hat the intended application is. From here, you can work out which type of product will best suit your needs.

Weight of item - When intending to move an item or object with a piece of handling equipment, you must first know the weight of the item being moved. This allows you to then calculate whether your handling equipment can support the load without breaking.

Size of area - It's important that you measure out the area within your workshop or other room where you intend to place your storage solution, to ensure that it fits and that personnel can still access what they need.

Storage and handling jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of storage and handling equipment, so we've outlined and explained some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better.

What is SWL and do I need to worry about it?

When talking about handling and lifting products, SWL stands for Safe Working Load. This can also be referred to as the NWL or Normal Working Load and refers to the safe amount of force that the equipment can be subject to when lifting, suspending or lowering a given mass without the threat of breaking.

This is important to take into consideration when choosing a handling product to ensure safe practice.


Why is proper storage and handling important?

Whether you're planning on storing tools, personal effects, equipment or more generalised domestic items, ensuring they are stored correctly helps to bolster product longevity and keep your items safe. From a security perspective, the correct level of storage can deter thieves and offer protection for your stored items.
Storing potentially harmful or dangerous items such as specialised tools can help keep other personnel safe and ensures the equipment doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
In terms of handling products, when looking to move large or bulky items, having the correct handling equipment can save you time, reduce the risk of injury and damage to goods as well as making it easier for you.