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Traffic Management

Designed for directing the flow of personnel and vehicular traffic whilst keeping your employees and visitors safe, traffic and site management products such as cones, hazard tapes, access barriers and speed bumps are a staple of any safe workplace. With products from national brands Coba®, Moravia® and Skipper™ and our exclusive brands Avon and Matlock, you're sure to find the right product. For information and guidance when choosing Traffic & Site Management products, visit our comprehensive guide.

What is traffic and site management?

Traffic and site management products are essential tools used by businesses, organisations, and governments to efficiently manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic, ensure safety, and optimise the use of space in various environments such as roads, construction sites, public venues, and parking areas.

Why traffic and site management?

By law (The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974), where there is an obstruction or hazard on a site, it must be effectively cordoned off and precautions taken to ensure the safety of personnel on site. Traffic and site management products such as cones, speed bumps, access barriers and PVC strip curtains all allow you to create a safe workspace.

When are traffic and site management products used?

Traffic and site management products aren't just for use when there is the prescence of a hazard; they can be utilised daily to ensure the smooth operation of your site and the safety of personnel working. Your traffic and site management should be highly durable to withstand regular use and heavy footfall, be of a suitable size to fit in your desired area, be visible to effectively warn of hazards and should be compliant with relevant legislation and laws.

Traffic and site management product types

We've outlined the most common types of traffic and site management products, to make your selection easier.

Access barriers   -   From chain barriers to our innovative Z-Barriers, access barriers are used to cordon off areas and imit access to certain areas for authorised personnel only. They are ideal for temporary segregation of areas. The most effective type of access barrier should be highly visible, durable and the right size for the intended area.

Access barrier accessories   -   Some access barriers can be enhanced or made into more complex systems via the use of accessories such as lights, reflective panels or replacement bases for posts. Access barrier accessories also bolster the longevity of your access barrier system whilst being cost effective and can also help to enhance the visibility of your access barriers.

Cones   -   Simple yet effective, cones or traffic cones are a portable and moveable way of cordoning off areas or creating lanes. Highly visible thanks to their usually bright orange or yellow colour, cones can also boast reflective strips or messaging to reinforce instructions. Cones are most often manufactured from highly durable materials, making them suited for both internal and external use.

Lane marking and hazard tapes   -   Designed for use on floors primarily, lane marking and hazard tapes are usually bright in colour for high visibility or can feature messaging. Available as non-adhesive or adhesive, lane marking and hazard tapes can be used on floors to highlight lanes or dangerous areas, as well as used between anchoring points to segregate areas that pose a hazard. Lane marking and hazard tapes may also feature universal iconography or warnings.

Column protectors   -   Useful in areas where vehicular traffic is high, column protectors are suited for placing around column to prevent vehicles from damaging the column. They can also be used to offer a higher level of visibility to columns, to avoid collisons. Column protectors are commonly made from durable, impact resistant materials to prevent damage to both the product and the vehicle in the event of a collision.

PVC strip curtains   -   Often used in warehouses or areas where there are temperature controlled rooms, PVC curtains are a highly useful way of separating rooms to avoid contamination, offer privacy and help with the regulation of room temperatures.

Speed bumps   -   Where there is likely to be both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, it is advisable to have speed bumps or other speed limiting products in place. Speed bumps encourage vehicles to slow down, making the area safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Flexible fencing   -   Suited for use in gardens or outdoor areas, flexible fencing is an easy way of signifying areas in which there is a hazard, or where there are plants that may need protection from foot traffic. Easy to install via fencing pins, flexible fencing is usually highly durable.