Power Cutting Tools

If you need to fabricate metals quickly, efficiently, precisely, or without sparks, we have the perfect power cutting tool for you. With various power cutting tools available, you'll be sure to find the right power cutting tool for your needs. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of power cutting tools from leading brands such as Makita®, Bosch®, DeWalt®, Hikoki®, and our exclusive brand Kobe®.

Why power cutting tools?

Power cutting tools are an essential tool in many industries and allow for cutting metals of varying thicknesses without the need for large milling machines and other machinery. Power cutting tools are available in various forms which offer different ways to cut the material.

Power cutting tool types

There are various power cutting tools which can be used on metal. The main kinds that Cromwell offer are as such:

Nibblers   -   Nibblers are tools which removes material as it cuts in small circular nibbles (which is where it gets its name). Nibblers can cut without causing sparks or distorting the metal.

Metal shears   -   Metal shears are compact and lightweight, and offer clean and precise cuts to the metal.

Threaded Rod Cutters   -   Threaded rod cutters, as their name implies, can cut threaded rods. This is the perfect to getting rods cut down to size to reduce injury. They offer quick and efficient cuts with no sparks.


Can a nibbler cut curved lines?

Nibblers tend to be able to cut in curved lines and other irregular shapes due to their action of removing material as they cut.

What can you cut with a nibbler?

Nibblers can cut flat and complex metal profiles. This allows them to not only cut sheet metal, but also corrugated roof, piping, and automotive body panels.