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Nail Guns & Staplers

If you need strong and reliable nail guns and staplers, then our range of nail guns and staple guns offers a cordless power source for greater flexibility. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of trustworthy brands from DeWalt® to Makita®.

Why nail guns and staple guns?

Nail guns and staplers help improve the accuracy of driving nails or staplers in materials, whilst saving both time and physical effort. Both nail guns and staple guns come in cordless or air power sources. Cordless nail guns and cordless staple guns are more convenient, while air source nail guns or staple guns offer a stronger force. Both these power tools appeal to hobbyists and anyone in the construction sector.

Nail gun and staple gun types

As with all nail guns and staplers you can have many different combinations of nail guns and staple guns, so it is important to choose the nail gun or staple gun for the job, based on your specific needs.

Nail guns - There are different types of nail guns including framing nail guns, finish nailers, brad nailers and pin nailers. All of these are used for different applications.

Staple guns - Staple guns come in different types including manual, electrical and pneumatic staple guns. Some of these staple guns are more powerful than others. For example, the pneumatic staple gun comes with more power and efficiency than other staple gun types.


What safety precautions should I take when using a staple gun or nail gun?
Health and safety is very important, and it is advised to use PPE including resistant gloves, pneumatic gun ear protection eye protection.

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