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Garden Power Tools

Make short work of garden maintenance with garden power tools. We offer a wide selection of tools to take the effort out of those laborious garden tasks and keep your garden in tip top condition.

Choose high-quality garden power tools from dependable brands like Bosch®, Black & Decker®, Makita® and Ryobi®.

What are garden power tools?

Garden power tools are essentially automated manual tools that allow for quick and efficient garden maintenance.

Garden power tool types

Most garden power tools can be purchased in petrol, corded and cordless variations. Petrol powered garden tools are the most powerful and are ideal for larger and heavy-duty tasks. With advances in technology, robotic tools have also found their way into gardening, with robotic lawn mowers now available in the marketplace.

• Lawn mowers   -   Cuts the grass at a choice of three lengths and stores the cuttings for disposal

• Leaf blowers   -   Blow leaves and other garden debris into a pile for disposal or composting

• Strimmers   -   Quickly and efficiently trims the edges of lawns for a neat and tidy edge

• Chainsaws   -   Fells and prunes trees and chops up logs for burning or chipping

• Hedge trimmers   -   Clips and shapes hedges to size

• Pressure washers   -   Cleans patios and furniture as well as cars and other garden tools

• Log splitters   -   Splits down logs to a manageable size for burning

• Garden multi-tools   -   Features one power unit with different gardening attachments

• Garden shredders   -   Shreds branches and other bulky trimmings for composting or disposal

Scarifiers Used to aerate the lawn and promote strong regrowth

Tillers Breaks down and turns the soil to remove weeds and level the ground

Considerations when choosing garden power tools

Requirements - which power tools can help you most in the garden?

Performance - this will depend on the size and nature of the work required in your garden. If the power tools will be frequently used for heavier tasks, then your choice of tool should reflect this.

Storage - whether the tools you choose are cordless or not, garden power tools can be large, and must be stored under cover.

Maintenance - it's important to check on your garden tools at the end of the growing season, with blades sharpened and oiled and power cords checked to keep them in good working order. If you're concerned about the cost of maintenance, choose a brand that offers an extended warranty.

Price - garden power tools are inevitably more expensive than manual ones, and while it's important that they're affordable for you, make sure you purchase good quality tools that will last. There are often promotions and deals on garden tools at the beginning of spring and into summer, so make sure to shop around for the best price.

Garden power tools jargon buster

We want to keep you up to date and informed on safety standard changes for your garden tools. Therefore, we've broken down and explained an applicable standard to hand operated garden machinery.

What does the safety standard BS EN 62841-1-12:2015 mean?

This safety standard outlines the general and safety requirements for electric, motor-operated lawn and garden machinery, such as lawn mowers and strimmers. Part 3 of this series is currently under review and will be published some time this year. Until then, the 2015 standard remains valid.

Let's break it down...

• BS - This is an abbreviation for British Standards which are produced by the BSI Group for the UK

• EN - This is the current applicable standard across Europe

• 62841 - This is the assigned legislation number

• 1 - This is the series number

• 2015 - This is the year that the standard was first published


Can you store garden power tools outside?

Proper storage is vital to keep your garden power tools in good condition. Keep them under cover and out of the elements in a garage or shed to protect against corrosion. Be aware that if you leave your tools outside you may invalidate your product warranty.