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Welding Accessories

Ensure maximum protection during welding applications with welding clothing accessories from Cromwell. Choose from a selection of caps, gaiters, hoods, and balaclavas to protect any exposed skin from the risks of heat contact and burns. We stock high-quality welding clothing accessories from well-known brands, like 2020 Welding®, SWP® and Kennedy®.

What are welding clothing accessories?

Worn in addition to fire retardant clothing that covers the body, clothing accessories include items like gaiters, balaclavas, and caps to protect the head, neck and feet areas against heat contact and splashes of molten metal.

When are welding clothing accessories used?

Since the trajectory of any kind of splash or burst of flame is unpredictable, accessories are used to cover any small openings in clothing and provide an extra layer of protection. For example, gaiters are fitted from the knee down and cover the surface of the boot or shoe. In this way protection against the ingress of splash and flame where the footwear meets the trouser leg is achieved.

Considerations when choosing welding clothing accessories

Fitting - while items like gaiters are supplied in one size, headwear like welding caps and hoods offer specific sizing to ensure a snug fit.

Material - underclothes and garments worn close to the body are often made from cotton or leather which has breathable and burn-resistant qualities. Welding sleeves and some aprons often incorporate Kevlar® into their manufacture, which is known for its reliable fire-resistant properties.

Branding - While some garments are worn under helmets and outer layers, clothing such as aprons or gaiters can often be branded on request from the supplier.

Removal - PPE is the last line of defence when protecting against known risks in the workplace. Ensure all welding clothing accessories are quick and easy to remove when required.

Welding clothing accessories jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you, so we've outlined an applicable safety standard to help you to find what you're looking for.

What does the protective clothing for welding standard EN ISO 11611:2015 mean?

EN ISO 11611:2015 outlines the minimum performance requirements for PPE intended for wear during welding and other allied processes. These requirements can be exceeded by the manufacturer but must not drop below if they are to be sold in the UK as protective clothing for welding. Please note that

Let's break it down...

• EN - This denotes a European standard.

• ISO - The International Organization for Standardization defines these minimum safety standards.

• 11611 - This is the assigned legislation number.

• 2015 - This safety standard was last updated this year and is currently under review.


Does welding clothing have to be fire-resistant?

In short, yes. To protect employees against the risks of welding applications, employers will insist welders wear the correct PPE to prevent injury and even death should the worst happen.

Is it okay to wear nylon while welding?

Absolutely not. Nylon shrinks and melts if hit by flame or excessive heat from molten metal and will melt to the skin and exacerbate burns. While the employer is responsible for ensuring that provision is made for the correct welding PPE, the employee has a responsibility to follow the safety rules laid down by the employer.

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