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Polo Shirts

Our work polo shirts are designed for comfort and durability in the workplace. With popular workwear brands such as Kustom Kit®,Uneek, Regatta®, and Portwest®, you can add a professional touch to your business with our selection of work polos. We have a fantastic range of colours and sizes available, making it easy to choose the right uniform for your company. In addition to being hard-wearing, polo shirts are great for a variety of industries, such as shops, coffee shops, and construction companies, where you want your staff to look professional and cohesive, while still choosing a uniform that is easy and comfortable for them to wear.

What are work polos?

In contrast to a less casual, regular cotton t-shirt or a smarter, corporate shirt, polo shirts are knitted fabric shirts with a collar and placket. Polo shirts are generally worn as part of a smart, casual uniform.

Why buy work polos?

Wearing uniforms such as work polos can offer employees a sense of uniformity, along with enhancing your company branding. Work polos give a sense of professionalism, giving the customer reassurance about your business. Polo shirts are also comfortable and affordable, also offering customisation if you decide to get them embroidered with your company branding elsewhere.

When are work polos used?

Retail businesses, restaurant staff, or mechanics who require more robust clothing can benefit from printed Polo shirts. These shirts combine the formality of a shirt with the comfort of a t-shirt, and they come in a variety of colors to match your company's branding.

Work polo types

Long sleeve   -   can be made from the same breathable fabric as short sleeves, but can sometimes be made more durable and heavy for the colder months.
Short sleeve   -   the most common type of polo shirts, usually made from airy materials like cotton, polyester or a mix of both to allow heat to escape the body easily and therefore are ideal for the summer.
Slim fit   -   tight-fitting, but soft and comfortable to wear.
Sportswear polos   -   made from a performance fabric with natural stretch built in.
Pique polos   -   most popular short-sleeve polo shirt, made with materials that are stretchier and more flexible.
Woolen polos   -   similar to long sleeve polos, but these are made out of wool.

Considerations when choosing work polos

• Colour - choose a polo shirt that is available in colours that match your branding, or go for a more neutral look using safer colours (black, white, navy) and add your branding on elsewhere.

• Material - there are various material on offer for polo shirts, including cotton and polyester.

• Style - getting the right fit not only affects how the polo shirt looks, but also how it feels when it's worn. Most polo shirts are unisex, but women's polos are slightly different, with more of a flare to accommodate wider hips. They also usually have narrow and feminine collars and are shorter in length.


Can I get my logo printed on the work polos?
Unfortunately, Cromwell Tools do not offer embroidery or printing on work polos. However, there are many companies both locally and online in the UK that offer these services.

How can I tell if the work polos are of good quality?
Always consider the fabric being used, as different polo shirt materials offer different durability and breathability.