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Chemical Protective Clothing

At Cromwell, we prioritise the safety and comfort of your people. Our range of chemical protective clothing options excel in providing reliable safety whilst ensuring that people are comfortable and able to carry out their work efficiently. We offer chemical protective clothing options by leading brands such as Ansell®, 3M®, Halo® and Alpha Solway®.

What is chemical protective clothing?

Chemical protective clothing takes the form of coveralls, jackets, aprons, trousers and other accessories. It is designed to form a protective barrier against chemical, liquid and gas particulates whilst being breathable and versatile.

When is chemical protective clothing used?

Chemical protective clothing is used in a wide variety of places, including pharmaceutical, agriculture, laboratory, veterinary, crime scene, bio-hazard and paint-spraying environments. They provide crucial protection against dangerous or otherwise unwanted liquids and gases.

Considerations when choosing chemical protective clothing

• Size - Consider the size of the piece of clothing you are intending to purchase. It needs to be comfortable in order to offer ample protection and enable you to carry out your duties with efficiency.

• Protection - Different chemical protective clothing products offer varying levels of protection against hazardous chemicals, so ensure to do some research into the contaminants you may be exposed to at work and choose accordingly.

• Weight - When working in coveralls, it is crucial to choose an option that is appropriately weighted for you to be able to wear it for prolonged periods. For example, in hot and humid environments, it's important to have a lightweight option.

Chemical protective clothing jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better:
What does it mean when a product has been BSI tested?
When a product has been BSI tested, it has been independently tested by experts in the field, ensuring it has been designed to high standards.


Do coveralls come in a range of sizes?
Yes. Coveralls are made for a diverse workforce and therefore come in a wide range of sizes. This is particularly true of our Halo® range, with sizes from small to 4XL.
How can I find out what each product can protect against?
Make sure to read the product descriptions and specifications for any product you'd like to purchase. It will give you information about standards, protection levels and more, ensuring confidence with each purchase.