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Arc Flash & Flame Retardant Clothing

For reliable, high-performance protection against the hazards of welding, cutting and other similar processes, browse our range of flame retardant and ARC flash clothing. We stock a range of Flame Retardant garments including t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and handy accessories from market-leading brands, like Mascot®, Portwest®, Orbit International® and Protal®.

What is flame retardant & ARC flash clothing?

Flame retardant and ARC flash clothing protects against the hazards of fire, molten metal, ARC flash and more. Manufactured using chemically treated fabric or synthetic inherent fabric, FR and ARC flash protective workwear is available as trousers, coveralls, jackets, and base garments to reduce the chance of injury in high-risk professions.

All FR clothing must be compliant to EN ISO 11611:2015 Class 1 as standard. However, when risks include exposure to incidents of ARC flash, PPE must meet Class 2 scores during testing to ensure the correct level of protection.

Why buy flame retardant & ARC flash clothing?

Injuries from contact with fire, molten metal, convective heat, and ARC flash can be severe, and, in some cases, fatal. The provision of the correct personal protection equipment to allow employees to safely do their job is of utmost importance, and a requirement under British law.

When is flame retardant & ARC flash clothing used?

Industries where workers are exposed to naked flame, radiant heat, or ARC flash hazards include gas and power, mining, electricians, oil refinement and welding to name but a few.

Flame retardant & ARC flash clothing types

Whether you prefer an all-in-one coverall or separate jacket and trousers, there are plenty of FR and ARC flash clothing options. All FR and ARC flash clothing must be CE marked and conform to EN ISO 11611:2015.

ARC flash & flame retardant accessories   -   Items like bandanas, balaclavas and neck gaiters fall under this category, providing additional protection to the head, face, and neck areas

ARC flash & flame retardant coveralls   -   Comfortable and durable, these all-in-one coveralls are available to buy in both Class 1 and Class 2 protection options

ARC flash & flame retardant trousers   -   If separates are more your thing, these trousers are an excellent choice for protection in high heat and when welding, with a range of features available

ARC flash & flame retardant base layers   -   Including items like underwear t-shirts and long-johns, base layers bolster protection against injury during welding and other similar applications

ARC flash & flame retardant jackets   -   Designed to overlap the trousers, and with long sleeves and a high neck, jackets help to prevent any skin exposure during welding processes

Considerations when choosing flame retardant & ARC flash clothing

Protection - ensure you choose the right class of protection for the application.

Flame retardant & ARC flash clothing jargon buster

Risks associated with welding and other similar processes aren't limited to flame and electric shocks. Hazardous fumes are produced during welding activities, while dusts and gases from the substances used, including stripping fluids and pickling pastes can prove noxious. It is important therefore to equip yourself with more than just clothing...

This issue of welding fume is subject to COSHH legislation, which recommends a controlled approach:

• Control approach 1 - It is recommended that general best practice involves working in a well-ventilated area to maintain air movement and avoid the build-up of toxic fumes

• Control approach 2 - This approach recommends utilising Local Exhaust Ventilation or LEV and Respiratory Protective Equipment, RPE

For more information on how to protect against welding fumes, please visit:


Which fabrics are most fire retardant?

Kevlar® is one of the heroes of fire-retardant fabrics and is widely used in FR clothing. A derivative of a type of polyamide, Kevlar® is an inherent fabric, which means that it can withstand high temperatures without melting, and, if ignited, will burn out quickly once the ignition source is removed.

Is denim fire-retardant?

To a point, yes. Denim is a weightier fabric and due to its natural structure, it provides inherent fire resistance. However, we don't recommend using denim to replace safety compliant FR and ARC flash clothing.