Ideal for cleaning tight places, applying and removing makeup and in laboratories, cotton swabs are a mainstay in every domestic setting. Here at Cromwell, we offer cotton swabs by Kennedy®.

Why cotton swabs?

Cotton swabs are highly versatile. Due to their size and natural slim design, they are perfect for cleaning in small places and for taking samples from hard-to-reach areas. In lab and medical settings, cotton swabs take samples from the inner cheek for example, or from other infected areas to be able to test the contents of the swab.

Cotton swab types

Sterile   -   Sterile cotton swabs have been officially tested to ensure that they are 100% free of germs, bacteria and micro-organisms.

Non-Sterile   -   Non-sterile cotton swabs, while clean and suitable for standard use, are not 100% free from bacteria, and therefore shouldn't be used in laboratory setting.


Are non-sterile swabs safe to use?
Yes. Non-sterile cotton swabs are perfectly safe for standard domestic use.

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