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Used to lubricate engine components and machinery, oil cans are an essential part of machine maintenance. The easy-to-use thumb operation allows for precise application, while the extended spout helps to deliver oil exactly where it's needed.

At Cromwell, we stock a wide variety of great value oil cans from trusted brands like Wesco® and our own quality brand, Kennedy®.

What is an oil can?

Used for oiling machinery and other moving parts, an oil can features heavily in industrial production.

Why an oil can?

Featuring a pumping action and a long spout, an oil can directs lubricating oil to moving components. Much like a grease gun, but more limited in shape, an oil can is able to reach mechanisms that sit centrally in a machine, which make them difficult to access without dismantling.

When are oil cans used?

Used to direct lubricating oil onto moving parts, oil cans make a regular appearance in machining and production.

Oil can types

Modern oil cans are generally set in their design. Made from heavy-duty metal with a powder-coated finish, the curved handle and elongated spout are easily recognisable. However, some oil cans are now described as a force-feed pump system and are supplied with a flexible spout and an interchangeable rigid spout.

The force-feed attachment provides a similar service to much larger scale force-feed units, where oil is pressurised and directed at a high-speed component. On such a small scale, a force-feed oil can would be used on a manually operated machine with bearings that require regular lubrication.


How do I clean an oil can?

Combine hot water with degreasing washing up liquid and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Pour this solution into the oil can, and using a stiff brush, scrub the inside of the can until clean.

Can old oil cans be recycled?

Unfortunately, engine oil containers are not recyclable. This is because engine oil is classed as hazardous waste and is often present as residue on the inside of a can. If you are unsure how to dispose of an old oil can, take it to your local refuse centre or tip and they can advise you.

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