Watering Cans

Grow healthy, well-watered plants and crops with a handy watering can from Cromwell. We stock carefully chosen garden tools and accessories to make your gardening tasks that little bit easier.

For versatile watering in your garden and for your houseplants, we stock watering cans from our very own Rutland® brand.

What are watering cans?

A watering can is an easy way to transport water from the tap to a plant or planting border. It features a tank shaped receptacle with an opening in which to pour the water, a spout to channel the water to the plant; with a rose on the end, which controls the flow of water. Watering cans usually have two handles, or one continuous handle (depending on the design), one handle sits at the top for carrying, the other at the side for pouring.

Why buy a watering can?

As well as the obvious watering of plants, watering cans provide the perfect opportunity to mix and apply liquid plant feeds to specific plants in a bed or border. They're also a great quick watering option when you really can't be bothered to unravel the hose pipe.

Watering can types

Depending on your strength and the size of your garden, or number of household plants, watering cans are available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit you. Whether you need a lightweight watering can just to water indoor plants, or a durable metal can for heavy-duty use, there's something for everyone.

• Indoor watering cans   -   Smaller in size than standard outdoor watering cans, this type of watering can usually hold up to four litres. They're often on display, stored on shelves or in kitchens and so are designed to be aesthetically pleasing

• Metal watering cans   -   Designed for strength and often appearance, this type of watering can is often galvanised to protect against corrosion or painted for added protection. They can be heavy when full, but offer a wide range of sizes for customer convenience

• Plastic watering cans   -   This type is lighter and cheaper than their metal counterparts and available in a wide range of sizes. They don't offer the same longevity as a metal watering can, but are still fairly sturdy and can last a while when stored correctly

Considerations when choosing a watering can

Plant types - some plants need more watering than others. Heavy drinkers will benefit from a rose-free spout directing water straight to the base of the plant, while smaller or indoor plants need less water, less often that bigger garden plants. In this instance, a smaller indoor watering can may be the best choice.

Planting locations - for pots and easy to reach borders, a standard watering can is ideal. However, when you're reaching over large borders in a large garden, a bigger watering can will hold a larger capacity of water, reducing trips to and from the tap, while a longer spout will help you to reach where needed.

Spout - the length of spout on a watering can will help or hinder you depending on how you answered the first two points above. Longer spouts are ideal when reaching further back into borders or higher up for hanging baskets.

Rose - most roses are interchangeable to suit the type of watering you need. For example, smaller watering holes in a rose are ideal when watering freshly sown seeds or young seedlings to prevent damage or separation from the soil.


Are watering cans good for plants?

A watering can is fine to use on even the most delicate of plants. The trick is the ensure you have the right kind of watering rose, which will adjust the flow of water to your plants depending on the size of the water holes. As a rule of thumb, always direct the water to the base of the plant to give it a good drink straight to the roots.

Can I use a rusty watering can to water my plants?

Yes. Obviously, a very rusty watering can has had its day and will need to be replaced at some point, but because rust is insoluble, it doesn't transfer anything to the plants from the water. And, if a few rusty chippings end up in the soil, it'll provide a small amount of beneficial iron minerals that'll be absorbed by the plants, so everybody wins.

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