Take the difficulty out of permanent labelling and marking with letter and number stencils. Designed to provide consistent labelling for floors, aisles, pallets and more, we stock a wide range of stencils in numbers from 0-9 and sets of 26 letters, A to Z.

Choose from a variety of different sizes from well-known brands, like Pryor®, Centurion Europe® and our own brand, Kennedy®.

What are letter and number stencils?

Letter and number stencils are designed for marking in industrial warehouse and shipping applications. Made from durable metal, including brass and aluminium, these stencils provide the outline of a series of numbers or letters to allow for repeatable labelling of items and locations, such as warehouse aisles for storage and distribution, pallets and boxes for shipping, and equipment marking to highlight ownership.

Why buy letter and number stencils?

Using letter and number stencils allows for neat and repeatable marking on all types of surfaces. They're an economical choice as they can be reused time and again to freshen original markings and make more.

Letter and number stencil types

Letter and number stencils are available in a range of sizes and in sets or as singles. Font can vary and will often depend on the size you choose.

• Brass stencils   -   This type of stencil is quite flexible and can be moulded on curves or a clean mark

• Steel stencils   -   These are hard wearing and keep well

• Plastic stencils   -   Available in either rigid plastic or as a thin film, these are a cheaper alternative than the metal types, but offer less longevity

Considerations when choosing letter and number stencils

Type - will you need numbers, letters or both?

Size - how visible you want the marking to be is an important choice when using stencils. If you're identifying racking locations or similar, then bigger is definitely better.


What kind of paint do I use with stencils?

You can use a wide range of paints with stencils, applying as a spray or with a brush or roller. Acrylic and resin-based paints are a durable option if you're spraying high traffic floors or racking. While line marker spray paints are a convenient option too.

How do I prevent paint from bleeding under stencils?

Use a small amount of spray adhesive or spray ReMount to keep the stencil securely in place while you apply the paint to the stencil. If time is on your side, waiting for the paint to dry before removing the stencil can prevent any drips, especially if you're painting on a wall or other vertical surface.