Garden Forks

Garden forks are a staple tool for any gardener or farm worker. Here at Cromwell we have a range of gardening forks including manure forks and border forks from brands Bulldog, Rutland and Spear & Jackson.

Why garden forks?

Garden forks are a tool used for loosening, lifting and turning over soil. Its fork allows it to rake out stones and weeds.

Garden forks types

We have a range of forks available for all your outdoor/gardening needs. From heavy garden or farm work to lighter weeding work.

Garden Fork For use for general gardening or farming work. They usually have a wood handle (also available in plastic) with a square shouldered head and 4 short sturdy tines..

Manure Fork For use removing manure in stables. It is a lightweight fork with longer, sharper, curved tines which allows you to lift out manure and leave the shavings behind.

Border Fork A smaller version of the standard fork, with a shorter and thinner tines. For use for lighter gardening work, weeding in between other plants.

Weeding Fork A handheld fork, with shorter and thicker tines. For use for weeding in between other plants in garden borders.


What to look for in a garden fork?

You will need to choose a garden fork that is compatible with your garden's soil type, be the right shape for the job and allow for good digging posture.
Border forks allow for more delicate digging around other plants due to their narrower size. However gardening forks, due to their size allow for covering more ground in larger areas.
Forks with mirror polished or non stick tines help from soil sticking, especially clay based or damp soil. Non stick tines also save you from heavy lifting.