Wood Screws

Wood screws are fastenings primarily used for fixing wood and fixings to wooden surfaces. Cromwell stock a large range of wood screws from quality brands like Matlock, Spax, Qualfast and our own brand Kennedy, so you can be assured of quality whatever the application.

What are wood screws?

Wood screws come in various different kinds, but their functionality remains similar, creating fixings on wooden surfaces or fixing wood to wood.

Types of wood screws

Standard - Typically these are three or four inches long and feature a partially threaded shank.

Deck screws - These often resemble standard wood screws but are made from a higher quality metal such as coated steel or copper due to their expose to being outside in the elements. They also typically feature larger heads than standard screws.

Pocket screws - These are used to screw holes drilled close to the edge of the workpiece and are used to help prevent the wood splitting. They feature self-drilling tips and the larger head prevents drilling too deep and splitting the piece.

Lag screws - Referred to as lag bolts, due to their hexagonal heads. They have thicker threads and are designed for joining heavy boards.

Structural screws - These are designed to bear heavy loads.

Considerations when choosing wood screws

Head type - Is the hole countersunk or flat? If countersunk than a countersink screw is the ideal choice.

Length and gauge - The length determines the depth that the screw will screw into and the gauge determines the thickness of the screw. The gauge required will depend on the weight and thickness of the workpiece.

Self-drilling - Self drilling screws do not require pilot holes to be made first. In some cases pilot holes will be required such as in the instances of wood splitting being high.

Drive type - This will determine what type of screwdriver is required e.g., a Philips head or flat head.

Material - Sole screws such as heavy duty or those exposed to the elements need to be made from tougher more resilient materials.

Can I use drywall screws for wood?

Drywall screws are hardened and specifically designed for screwing into drywall.

Can wood screws be used in plastic?

Metal screws are the best option for screwing into plastic.