U Nails

U nails - sometimes known as presser point nails or presser point staples - are the ideal fastener for attaching wire meshing to fence posts and similar hooking and securing applications. Typically manufactured from galvanised steel, U nails are great to have to hand when undertaking the repair or maintenance of wire fencing. Here at Cromwell, we have a choice range of U nails from our quality, trusted own brand Matlock®.

Why U nails?

U nails are designed to easily, quickly and firmly allow you to hook and secure one sheet of material to another. Their unique shape makes them extremely ideal for applications such as attaching wire meshing to fences or fence posts. They possess two sharp points that are designed for driving into wood and similar materials, either with a hammer or a nail gun for speed and accuracy. Normally manufactured from a galvanised steel due to its rust and corrosion resistant properties, U nails are a cost-effective, efficient, and easy way of repairing wire mesh fences.

U nail types

There are two main kinds of U nails; barbed and smooth shank. The most common is smooth shank, but we have outlined the differences in the two leading types below, to allow you to better shop and understand our range of U nails and select the right product for you.

Barbed shank   -   This style of U nail possesses small, barbs or spikes on the shank of the nail, for firmer embedding. This also makes it harder for the nails to be removed. These are ideal when placing fencing in areas with livestock, or other areas where chain link fencing may be under more strain and be subject to more knocks than usual.

Smooth shank   -   U nails that possess a smooth shank do not have any spikes or barbs along the shaft, only the two pointed ends of the U shape. These are suited for use on fences and areas that are subject to general, everyday wear and tear.


Are U nails the same as presser point staples?

Yes. Presser point staples is another term for U nails and the two names may be used interchangeably. Both terms refer to galvanised nails and staples that possess two sharp points designed to drive into wooden materials and a curved, U shaped profile.

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