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Cable Management

To create a safe and efficient workplace, managing trailing, hanging or loose wires and cables is a must. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of cable management products from leading brands such as MK Electric, HellermannTyton and Vulcascot.

Why cable management?

Cable management is a crucial part of creating a safe workplace. Trailing or hanging wires and cables are a trip hazard and can cause serious harm if left loose. In larger electronic areas where multiple devices are plugged in, cable management can prevent accidental unplugging as well as helping to clearly identify which cable links to which device via cable and wire markers. For a more efficiently run and safe environment, cable organisation and management is a must.

Cable management types

There are numerous ways of protecting, organising and managing your cables safely. We've broken down the main types and offered an explanation of each to make it easier for you to shop our range of cable management tools and accessories.

Cable glands   -   These offer extra strain relief for your cables and are designed to connect to the end of cables to aid in automation, sealing and terminating cables to ensure safety and protection of electrical equipment.

Conduit and trunking   -   Conduit cables are designed to protect and sheath electrical wiring. Similarly, trunking is a covering system that allows you to hide, store and protect electrical wiring and cables, however trunking has a rectangular cross section and isn't in and of itself a cable unlike conduit.

Cable clips   -   These are designed to hold wiring or cables in place. They are designed to minimise damage to cables whilst effectively keeping them out of the way of machinery.

Cable protectors   -   Typically used on wall and floors to cover trailing cables, these form a smooth, ramp like finish to effectively protect cables whilst preventing trip hazards.

Cable racks   -   Designed specifically for vertical cable management, cable racks are suited for mounting onto walls where complex cable systems are in place and cable organisation is crucial.

Cable ties   -   Cable ties are designed for bundling cables together into neat and easily identifiable groups. They are easy to use, cost effective and simple to remove as needed.

Wire and cable sleeving   -   Typically manufactured from PVC or a similar robust yet flexible material, wire and cable sleeving is designed to house the metal wires that will conduct electricity. Sleeving keeps wires and cables safe and insulated as well as protecting them from adverse temperatures.

Wire markers   -   Cable and wire markers are a convenient way of labelling wires and cables for ease of identification. They can be easily affixed and removed as needed.


Does cable management matter?

Absolutely. Trailing cables are not only a health and safety trip hazard around the workplace, but also detrimental for the health and longevity of the cables and wires themselves. In order to protect personnel on site and keep your electrical equipment working efficiently, cables and wires should be neatly and safely kept away.