H858 22.00mm HYDRA DRILL BODY (X8D)






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    Features & Benefits
    Replaceable heads in tough micrograin carbide and hardened steel body with high gloss nickel plating for high resistance to wear and corrosion. One body accommodates multiple head sizes with no compromise on tool rigidity and structural integrity.
    Surface Treatment
    Titanium aluminium nitride based coating on the drilling heads for high toughness and oxidation stability - enables high speeds and feeds and resists 'built-up edge' which is common when machining softer materials.
    Point Geometry
    The self-centring 140 four facet split point geometry ensures that required thrust force is low. Predrilling/centre drilling is neither necessary nor recommended.
    Cylindrical shank with flat for multi-purpose tool holding. Allows accurate clamping for reliable use of internal coolant. Best results are obtained using hydraulic holders such as the Dormer Hydro-Grip; can also be held in ER type and Weldon type toolholders.
    Heads are held securely in place by two screws; the perfect fit of body and head serrations transmits the torque evenly and allows for precise and easy assembly. The slow spiral offers optimised flute volume for efficient chip evacuation.
    Internal Coolant
    Coolant holes in the drill bodies are aligned perfectly with the replacable heads for efficient delivery of coolant directly to the cutting edge. This not only disperses the heat generated during the hole making process when using high speeds and feeds, but also ensures smooth chip evacuation and long tool life.
    Hole Depth
    Drilling depths of 3 X Diameter, 5 X Diameter shank styles available for the entire range of sizes and 8 X Diameter available on diameters 13.5mm and larger.
    Metric head sizes available from 12.0 - 30.5mm diameter and fractional sizes from 15/32" - 13/16" diameter.
    Customer Benefits

    • High productivity across a wide range of materials, including carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, titanium, nickel and cast iron.

    • Two head types available - the Hydra-M head has been developed specifically to give optimum performance in stainless steel and cast iron. The Hydra-P head is recommended for steels.

    • Consistently high performance, even after numerous head changes.

    • Reduction in inventory costs. One drill body fits multiple head sizes.

    • Easy and quick head changes with minimal interruptions to the production process. Headscan be changed without removing the body from the machine.

    • Exact fit of head to body maximises tool rigidity for superior hole accuracy and precise tolerances.

    • Shank design allows for versatile tool holding.

    • A choice of drilling depths, up to 8 X Diameter. Internal coolant channels provide optimised coolant direction and pressure to give efficient chip evacuation and longer tool life.Series H858 Hydra Long Series Drill Body - Metric

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