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Window Cleaning Kits

Maintain your windows and reflective surfaces by keeping them clean, hygienic, and safe with high quality window cleaning kits.

No matter your window cleaning requirements, Cromwell stocks high quality window cleaning kits that contain everything you need to keep glass spotless.

What are window cleaning kits?

Window cleaning kits are an efficient, cost-effective solution to maintain window cleanliness for any kind of property.

These kits contain virtually everything needed for window cleaning, including:
• Window mops, for removing dirt and debris
• Mop frames, for holding mops and proving an ergonomic handle
• Window squeegees / microfibre cloths, for removing smudges and drying off
• Sprayers, for spraying cleaning solution onto windows
• Telescopic handles, for reaching higher windows with ease
• Buckets, to hold water and cleaning solution

Why buy window cleaning kits?

Window cleaning kits enable users to effectively remove all kinds of grease, dirt, fingerprints, smudges, and more from windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. A window cleaning kit is an effective way to purchase everything you need for window cleaning.

Dirty windows can prevent visibility and block sunlight from getting in. This can enable damp, mould, and bacteria to spread, which contributes to an unhealthy and unpleasant room.

With the use of a good window cleaning kit, safety and hygiene standards can be easily maintained on windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces prone to marks, dirt, and fingerprints.

When are window cleaning kits used?

Window cleaning kits are trusted amongst janitors and cleaning staff, as well as those who want to clean their windows themselves. Amateurs and hygiene professionals alike value the ease and convenience of buying everything you need to get the job one in one single, cost-effective package.

If you are looking for the right window cleaning kit for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when choosing a glass cleaner

Contents - A relative no-brainer, but important nonetheless. Take note of the windows you'll be cleaning; if they're large, buy a kit with a wider mop. If they're tall, buy a kit that contains a decent telescopic handle to easily reach windows higher up. Cromwell stocks a range of window cleaning kits, so you're bound to find the right one to fit your needs.

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