Cleaning Chemicals

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What are cleaning products?

Cleaning products are mostly designed for targeted cleaning, like kitchen, bathroom and drain cleaners for example. Made with a blend of detergents and other water-soluble cleaning chemicals, they can be bought as a diluted solution, ready to use, or be supplied as a bulk buy cleaning product for dilution as needed.

Why cleaning products?

Cleaning products contain active ingredients such as degreasers and sanitisers to remove stubborn grease and dirt deposits and eliminate bacteria to prevent the spread of germs.

When cleaning products?

Cleaning products are available in a range of sizes, either in spray bottles, pour bottles or tubs and boast different cleaning properties for a wide range of different applications.

Cleaning product types

• Bathroom cleaners   -   Suitable for use on non-porous surfaces, bathroom cleaners contain degreasers and descalers to remove soap-scum and limescale deposits in sinks and baths

• Bleaches   -   Used as a concentrated cleaner in toilet pans and drains or diluted in bins and similar areas, bleach removed pathogens and gets rid of stains with ease. Its best avoided on food preparation areas, however, as it will taint food

• Carpet cleaners   -   Used to clean and freshen carpets as well as other compatible soft furnishings, these cleaners are used with carpet cleaning machines to clean deep into fibres and remove trodden in dirt and odour causing bacteria

• Chlorine tablets   -   These tablets dissolve in water to produce a non-tainting sterilising solution that removes germs and bacteria from food preparation surfaces

• Descalers   -   Designed to remove limescale and hard water mineral deposits, descalers are used in bathrooms, kitchens and in kettles and steamers

• Dishwasher detergents   -   These water-soluble tablets act much like laundry detergent to lift and remove tough and burnt on food from plates and cutlery

• Disinfectants   -   These cleaning solutions specifically target bacteria and help to keep microbes to a minimum in food preparation areas

• Drain cleaners   -   These cleaners react with water to remove grease and grime deposits for easy rinsing. They're widely used for the removal or prevention of clogs

• Floor cleaners   -   Designed to lift and remove dirt and stains from floors, floor cleaners can be used with a traditional mop and bucket or with an industrial scrubbing machine

• Glass cleaners   -   These cleaners remove grease, dust and dirt to leave mirrors and windows clean and streak-free

• Graffiti removers - Suitable for use on walls, tiles and metals, graffiti removers effectively soften paint and marker pen ink for quick removal

• Kitchen cleaners - These contain degreasing chemicals designed to dissolve grease and lift grime away from surfaces

• Laundry Detergents   -   Supplied as a powder, tablet or liquid, laundry detergents effectively lift and remove dirt and stains leaving linen freshly scented and clean

• Multi-purpose cleaners/wipes   -   This cleaning medium is used on all washable hard surfaces to remove dirt, stains and germs. Wipes are a convenient and versatile cleaning method often used for mobile applications

• Oven cleaners   -   These cleaning solutions are available as sprays for a quick clean or as thick foaming solution which lifts and removes baked on and stubborn dirt

• Polish   -   Used to remove and repel dust from hard surfaces, polish provides a shiny and pleasantly scented finish

• Surface cleaners   -   Designed for use on all washable hard surfaces, these cleaners will remove dirt and stains for a streak-free finish

• Toilet cleaners and fresheners   -   Often containing bleach as well as viricidal chemicals, toilet cleaners are applied under the rim to drip down the pan and remove germs and odour causing bacteria

• Washing up liquids   -   Designed for manual dish washing, this versatile cleaning solution is used widely for most household cleaning, such as washing baths, wiping down sides and cleaning floors

Considerations when choosing cleaning products

Location - Choose a multi-purpose cleaner for multiple surfaces or a specified cleaner for a bathroom or kitchen for example.

Scent - perfumed cleaners can leave a good first impression on guests and make an area more appealing to staff. However, food preparation areas should use a non-scented or non-tainting cleaner to avoid affecting the taste of food.

Eco-credentials - Choose a cleaner that has a minimum impact on marine life and waterways. This helps to reduce water pollution and keeps it safe for you to use.

Cleaning product jargon buster

We want to make your shopping experience easy and so we've broken down a common standard to help you choose the right cleaning product for your application.

What does BS EN 1276 mean?

BS EN 1276 is a common British and European cleaning standard which requires disinfectant cleaning solutions to effectively eradicate bacteria by 99.999% within five minutes of contact.

Let's break it down...

• BS - This stands for the British Institute, which is the UK national standards body

• EN - This is the designation for European standards (from the German Europäische Norm)

• 1276 - This is the legislation number


What ingredients are in cleaning products?

While household cleaning products can target certain types of dirt and grime, they have common active ingredients in common with each other. The most common of these are detergents, solvents, alkalies and acids.

What's the most common type of cleaning agent?

An agent that appears in almost every cleaning formula is detergent. This water-soluble agent chemically reacts to dirt and grime, combining with it to make the dirt more soluble for easy rinsing.