Abrasive Pads

Cromwell stock a large range of both diamond and non-woven abrasive pads, with industry leading names like 3M, Sia Abrasives and more. Browse the range today and find the right abrasives for your applications.

What are abrasive pads?

Simply put an abrasive pad is a pad designed to abrade surfaces in sanding and similar applications. They consist of abrasive grains adhered to the surface of foam, cloth and other various backing materials. Usually a die-cut or rectangular in shape, They are thicker than abrasive sheets and some are contoured to fit the users hand.

Why abrasive pads?

Abrasive pads are often easier to use as they don't ride up like traditional sandpaper does, they are also less susceptible to tearing.

Types of abrasive pads

There are several types of abrasive pads and in various combinations of backings. However, the business end of the pad, the grits is the most important.
There are several choices involved including:

• Aggregate
• Aluminum oxide
• Boron carbide
• Ceramic
• Cork
• Synthetic diamond - Superabrasive
**• Emery **
• Silicon carbide (sic)
• Cubic boron nitride (cbn) - Superabrasive
• Tungsten carbide
• Alumina-zirconia

Considerations when choosing an abrasive pad

• The size of the grit - Lower graded grits are of a high coarseness whilst the higher numbers are of a fine coarseness. The coarser the grain the heavier the stock removal.


What are the benefits of abrasive pads?

There are several benefits to abrasive pads, the first being that unlike sandpaper they can be used with water (handy for cleaning jobs). Their structure also resists clogging unlike standard sandpaper, meaning more of the grits are in contact with the surface.